Do Create a Sitemap

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Do Create a Sitemap

One of the dos of search engine optimization (SEO) includes creating a sitemap for your website. A sitemap is essentially a listing of all of the pages of your website. The reason a sitemap is important to SEO is it enables the search engine to crawl all of the pages of your website quickly and efficiently. However, care should be taken to ensure that the sitemap does not contain broken links. Broken links can result in the search engine exiting your website before crawling the remainder of the pages.



8/19/2006 8:25:50 PM
Texx Smith said:

The google sitemap.xml is different from what is "traditionally" called a sitemap. Traditionally it was a web page that had a list of categoriezed (if necessary), text links to every single page or at least every section of a web site for easy navigaqtional purposes. There is some SEO value in this traditional site map.

Now however the word "sitemap" is beginning to reffer to special type of file (.xml)formated in a special way, named a certian name (sitemap.xml) andplaced in a certian place (site's root). This file is not meant for users to ever see.
It's totally meant for the GoogleBot alone. It's a fil you can list where every single page in your web site and how important you feel that page is on a a scale of 1-10.


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