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Ranking formulas are secret and always changing

SEO is a complex task because the criteria used to rank sites is a secret. The ranking formula used by each search engine is that company's most valuable intellectual property, and so they don't reveal it. There are around 200 criteria used to rank sites and the exact weight given to each item is never revealed. To make matters even more complicated, the weight given to these items changes regularly to deal with advances in search and optimization techniques. As a result, adhering to best practices is always going to get you better long-term results than flavor-of-the-month SEO.


No one can guarantee you placement

Some SEO companies will guarantee you placement. Anyone who does this either a) isn't showing you the fine print or B) doesn't quite know what they're talking about. Placement in “natural language” or free search – the listings on the left-hand side of most search results – can't be guaranteed because the formulas used to rank sites are secret and constantly changing. Companies may be able to guarantee ranking using pay-per-click ads, but this is a different thing entirely. So, when considering an SEO project, beware companies that promise a specific ranking. They're misleading.


SEO is a process, not a destination

You'll never be done with your SEO work. You have to accept this when you begin any SEO project if want to avoid frustration, disappointment, or confusion. SEO isn't something you can do just once and declare it done. Rather, SEO is one of the most complex areas of online marketing, and must be worked on regularly and treated as a process, testing and revising techniques. If you don't do this, your SEO work may be effective only in the short term, or not at all.


Research SEO on the Internet

The Internet is filled with plenty of content related to search engine optimization (SEO). Searching for phrases such as, “SEO strategies,” “SEO techniques,” “SEO tips” or similar phrases will yield countless results. Read through the information you find on the Internet to obtain a great deal of valuable information on SEO. When using the Internet for research, pay attention to the dates associated with the information you find. SEO has changed throughout the years and articles written just a few years ago may be very outdated. The benefit to using the Internet to research SEO is well ranking websites are skilled at SEO and therefore likely provide quality information.


Verify SEO Information Obtained From Internet

The Internet is filled with a great deal of valuable information but it is also filled with a great deal of misinformation. For this reason, search engine optimization (SEO) information gleaned from the Internet should be verified through reliable sources before taken for face value. Some methods for verifying information from the Internet include consulting books on the subject, contacting SEO experts or even turning to other Internet sources that are known to be reliable such as .gov or .org websites and reputable news sources. Caution against using consensus to verify information should be avoided. Just because several websites list the same information, does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.


Contact Friends in the SEO Industry

Those who have friends in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry have an advantage to learning SEO techniques. Those in the industry are much more likely to share some of the tricks of the trade with friends or family members than they will with others in the industry. This can give you a great opportunity to break into the industry. If your friend or family member is willing to mentor you, they could help you to learn a great deal about SEO.


You Want an Optimized Website…Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice and trial and error cannot be underestimated when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Once you launch and optimize your website, it takes time to evaluate the results of your efforts. If you find that your search engine rankings are lower than expected it is time to start experimenting with different strategies and doing some content testing. Try only changing one variable at a time so that you can determine which variable helps to increase or decrease your rankings. If you make too many changes at once, it might be difficult to determine what has affected your website placements.


Use Books to Learn SEO

There are many well written books on the subject of search engine optimization (SEO). Most commercially published SEO books are a valuable source of information but you may find some more useful than others. Search for reviews of popular books to find out which ones consumers find most useful. This can help you to choose the most helpful books on the subject. Visiting bookstores can also help you to make your decision. Flipping through the books will give you a good idea of which ones are most readable.


Set Up a Consultation with an SEO Firm

One way to learn about search engine optimization (SEO) is to set up a consultation with a SEO firm. An experienced SEO firm can help you a great deal in terms of increasing your search engine rankings but their services are likely to be expensive. They may charge an initial fee for the original optimization efforts as well as monthly fees for maintaining high rankings. If these fees are out of your price range, you may wish to consider having a one time consultation with the firm instead. You will probably be charged an hourly rate for their services and will receive valuable information to get you started on optimizing your website.


Attend SEO Conferences

Those looking to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) should consider attending conferences and seminars on the subject. Most of these seminars may be too detailed for those with no SEO knowledge but there are some seminars that are marketed specifically for novices. In choosing a seminar, pay attention to the level of difficulty of the material to be covered. If you are a complete beginner, look for courses geared for novices. If you know the basics and are looking to increase your knowledge look for intermediate level courses.


Learn SEO Through Night Classes

Those who work a full time job and work on their website in their free time can benefit from night courses on search engine optimization (SEO) offered by community colleges. This is especially useful for individuals who are professionals in an industry other than web design but who are interested in learning more about web design. These classes are usually quite informative and feature easy to understand course materials. The cost for these classes is usually quite minimal and if participation helps you to obtain favorable search engine rankings the course will more than pay for itself.


Study Well Ranking Websites

One way to learn search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is to study other websites that rank well in search engines. As you review these websites make note of what you really like about the website. This might include the colors, fonts, content, services or products available or anything else that catches your eye. This is important because what you like about this particular website is likely to be features enjoyed by other visitors as well. The search engines are aware of the characteristics that appeal to the masses and they reward these websites with high rankings.

How can I learn about SEO?

Join Forums Dedicated to SEO

Joining online forums or email lists that are dedicated to allowing users to exchange search engine optimization (SEO) information can help you to learn a great deal about SEO. This is an excellent resource for novice website owners who want to ask questions about strategies for SEO. The responses you receive can be insightful. Also, if you choose an active forum, you will likely receive multiple opinions on any given topic and be privy to debates on different strategies.

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