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How do I get more links pointing to my site?

Generate Quality Inbound Links

Quality inbound links can have a significant effect on your search engine rankings. Most of the search engine algorithms place some value on the amount and quality of inbound links pointing towards your website. The ranking of the website on which there is a link to your website factors into the amount of weight that the search engine places on this inbound link when determining your rank. Contacting websites that complement, but do not compete with your website and proposing a link exchange is one way to obtain quality inbound links. This symbiotic relationship gives both of you an inbound link that can help you increase your search engine placements.


Avoid Broken Links in Optimizing Your Website

Broken links on your website can have a detrimental effect on your search engine optimization (SEO). One important step that should be taken in optimizing your website is to test all of the links on your website to ensure they function properly. There are two main reasons why broken links can negatively affect your search engine rankings. Broken links are extremely frustrating to website visitors. Visitors may overlook one or two broken links on your website but if you have more than that they are likely to exit your website quickly. Search engines will typically automatically exit your website after they encounter their first broken link. If this happens on an early page of your website the search engine may not crawl the majority of your website.


Do Submit Your Website to Directories

In optimizing your website it is worthwhile to submit your website to directories such as Yahoo! and DMOZ. These directories can have a significant effect on your search engine optimization. One way they can help your website is through the increased traffic that they can provide. Another way that submitting to directories is beneficial is that a listing in one of these directories will enable search engines to index your website.


Do Create a Sitemap

One of the dos of search engine optimization (SEO) includes creating a sitemap for your website. A sitemap is essentially a listing of all of the pages of your website. The reason a sitemap is important to SEO is it enables the search engine to crawl all of the pages of your website quickly and efficiently. However, care should be taken to ensure that the sitemap does not contain broken links. Broken links can result in the search engine exiting your website before crawling the remainder of the pages.


Don't Participate in Link Farms

The emphasis placed on inbound links by search engines led many website owners to participate in link farms in an effort to bolster their rankings. This technique is not as effective as it sounds. This is because many search engines weight inbound links based on the quality of the website providing the link. Link farms are not considered quality websites by search engines and therefore these inbound links will be much less helpful than links from other top ranking websites. Submitting your website to link farms can be incredibly time consuming and does not reap significant benefits in rankings.


Submit Your Website to Directories

Submitting your website to directories such as Yahoo! and DMOZ can be very helpful for search engine optimization (SEO). Having your website listed on these directories can greatly increase the web traffic to your website. Additionally, submitting to these directories saves you the resources involved in submitting your website to search engines. There is no need to submit your website to search engines if you have already submitted it to directories. Listing on these directories will result in your websites being crawled and ranked by search engines.

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